Buy to let mortgage.

Looking for a buy-to-let mortgage? Let us guide you through it.

Looking to build your portfolio?

Buy to Let Mortgages offer a wide variety of possibilities for clients looking to build a property portfolio for many reasons.

A buy to let mortgage is different to a standard mortgage and it will be assessed on a different set of basic financial information. 3 main differences are taken into account. A lender will usually assess your rental potential you will receive as well as the income you have from employment, they will have a higher rate of interest on the buy to let mortgage and the lender will more than often expect to receive a higher than normal deposit, usually around 25% of the properties value.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate most Buy to Let Mortgages.


Specialist Lenders

The buy to let market is forever changing with new types of lenders coming into the market. Whether you are a first time landlord or an experienced one, we have over 300 lenders that will be able to suit your circumstances. If you want to purchase in your personal name or through a limited company, we can find the best deal for you. Most specialist lenders don't allow you to directly, so many you may not even have heard of.

Portfolio mortgages

Do you have multiple properties all with separate providers and with different terms? Would you benefit from one payment with one provider? We have a specialist panel of lenders who will group your portfolio into one easy to manage payment.



Do you own properties that you rent out on a room by room basis? This is called a House of Multiple Occupation and only a few lenders in the market will lend. We have the knowledge and expertise to find the lender from our panel that will cater for these properties.

Development finance

Are you looking at developing a plot of land or doing a major refurbishment on a property? These loans are not available through high street banks, we have a specialist panel who can save you money and also have the finance available to exit the project if you intend to keep it and rent it out.


Transparent and honest.

A mortgage is an important part of many peoples home purchase. Advice is key to getting you the most suitable deal for your home purchase if you need a mortgage.

We charge a fee for all our mortgage advice to cover the administration costs involved in working on your behalf to get you the right product. Our fees range from £99 to £750 depending on the product and complexity required.

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